About Us

We originally started trading back in 2012. buying faulty laptops and after repairing them aimed to sell them at local computer shops in our area around Shropshire, United Kingdom.

Soon realising that people trusted us and sought out more advice on what they required than just buying a laptop. We gained a good and regular customer base and through recommendations and loyalty was soon selling a lot of devices.

After relocating, to a new area in Bristol, United Kingdom and with no local shops to sell in, we changed from just selling fully working laptops to selling laptop parts as well.

Selling laptop parts allowed us to grow the business, with each laptop turning into more than 10 separate individual parts.

Realising that we aren’t just running a profitable business but also an environmental service as we were recycling parts from laptops that would be scrapped and also fixing second-hand laptops that would otherwise be useless it gave us more ambition to start the website

we now aim to bring all we have learnt to help you, in Barcelona offering you all types of services as you need them. Please get in touch if you need advice and guidance with your technology or help & support with managing your devices. Or if you have computer issues today, I’m sure we can get it sorted for you!

If you need any help please email: support@waspcom.com