Slow Computer – Why?

Over time it’s generally accepted that your computer will just start to slow down. When this happens it’s time to buy a new one isn’t it?


Well yes, sometimes it is. However, your computer may just be experiencing a technical problem.

Here are some common reasons we encounter during computer repair:

  • Hard Drive Failure

The hard drive is often the only moving part inside a computer (apart from fans) and as it is in almost constant use it does eventually wear. In fact it is not a case of if a hard drive fails, more a matter of when! The hard drive stores everything from your operating system (Windows for example) to all of your documents, pictures and music. As it starts to fail, usually operation starts to slow down, but it can fail instantly, endangering your personal files. In worst case scenarios all data (everything – all your family photos and important work documents) will be lost, only potentially recoverable from expensive data recovery methods. To safeguard your data from this, please ensure you have a backup solution in place – we offer uncomplicated backup products that we can manage for you to ensure that your files are indeed safe. We also supply and fit new hard drives designed for demanding use.

  • Demanding Software

Your computer is nothing without the software you are intending to run. With this in mind you should choose a computer designed to run or exceed the requirements of the software. As your computer hardware does not naturally upgrade itself, yet software very often does (windows updates, new versions of software such as iTunes or the latest games) your computer will eventually struggle to keep up. So what can you do? Well you can upgrade your computer specification to a certain extent to keep up. Sometimes it’s more economically viable to purchase a new one. We would not recommend abstaining from carrying out updates to software as it often fixes issues relating to security.

  • Malware

You may have an antivirus but they quite often miss the real reason why your computer is going slow. If infected by malware, you run the risk of putting personal data at risk, annoying pop-ups and a very slow computing experience. Some even use your computing power to carry out further evil deeds, such as attacking a company using your machine as part of a “bot net”. Having multiple antivirus clients can actually cause a lot of slow downs also. We can happily sort out any malware infections you have, recommend any security changes you may benefit from and you will get a repair report with what we found.

  • Everyday Use

Your computer will actually start to slow down with everyday use mainly due to the way programs install, run and uninstall (partially). A buildup of temporary files is totally normal, but they do take up unnecessary space and eventually start to bog things down. As part of any of our services we do remove these for you and let you know how much was present.

But if it is time for a change remember your favorite online shop when purchasing your next system.

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